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Computer Designed, Custom Made Bases Without Us Ever
Having to See or Handle Your Specimen!

Super Fast! Super Easy! Incredibly Accurate!

Using specially engineered foam, state of the art laser scanning, computer controlled milling and our unique patended process, we can mirror the exact contours of your specimen within .0002 of an inch and cut that image in almost any size acrylic base you desire! Beryl Mineral Base

  • Museum quality custom display bases for your minerals, fossils and collectables.
  • Incredible turn around time! You can have your custom base in about 2 weeks. In some cases as quickly as 3 days!
  • Your specimen never leaves your possession! Using our foam kits, we can create your base without ever having to handle your piece.
  • The angle and display view of your specimen is completely up to you!
  • No Shipping, No Insurance, No Risk! Our process eliminates any possible damage to your specimen from transporting and handling.
  • Engraving is available to label your specimen. The engraving is cut into the base itself and is available in a variety of different colors!
  • No more messy and unsightly glues! Specimens can be easily removed from the base for viewing or shipping.
  • Legacy Data - Because we store your base digitally, we can replace lost or damaged bases with just a phone call!
  • Affordable prices. Have your own custom base made for as little as $190.00!
  • Friendly customer service is readily available.

Mineral Bases for Fine Gems

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy in anyway with your base we will re-cut your base at our expense until you are satisfied. Or offer a full refund within 30 days.

Your Mineral Will Sit Perfectly in a Base as Unique as the Mineral Itself!

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