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  About Us

About Us

Fine Mineral Bases is the result of many years of hard work and research.

The idea to make computer designed and controlled  acrylic bases came about due to a direct lack of techniques  to display mineral specimens in a safe and efficient manner whilst allowing the mineral to show its most attractive attributes. Until a few years ago, there were only a few ways to mount specimens so they would display nicely and all of those are problematic. The unique surfaces and contours of each mineral specimen make it challenging to mount them on bases so they display properly.

Collectors and dealers alike used several techniques including sticky tack or wax, hot glue, and hand carving into acrylic in order to display their specimens. None of these techniques achieved all of the optimum criteria that one would look for in base. Either the medium used to mount the specimen to the base was sloppy or unstable, or took much too long to make using conventional hand cutting methods.

We spent over four years on research and development using the most advanced technology available to create unique bases. Bases that safely and securely hold the specimen in the orientation that most suit the specimen without glues or waxes. After several trials and extensive experimentation we developed a system that achieved all of our criteria. We can provide customers with custom bases that are beautiful, clean looking and not overwhelming to the mineral specimen itself.

We are excited to offer you a product that will enhance the natural beauty of your mineral specimen in a fast, easy and affordable manner. 

— The Fine Mineral Bases Team

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