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Our Process

For the First Time Ever, Computer Designed Bases
That Fit Like a Glove!

State of the art laser scanning.

Utilizing our cutting edge technology, we will cut the exact contours of your mineral into an acrylic base.

Here's How It Works

The process begins with our miracle foam. Decide how you would like your piece to be displayed and impress your mineral into the kit to create an exact replica impression of the actual contours of your distinctive specimen. This foam is engineered to ensure the highest quality impression.

From there we scan the imprint with state of the art laser technology that replicates the impression within .0002 of an inch. Then, with our patented process, computers digitally recreate the data which enables us to create a base that contains the exact outlines of your one of a kind mineral.

Final Result

In the end you have a display base that is as unique your specimen. A custom fit. No glues, no headaches, just a perfect base to enhance the splendor of your individual mineral.

Our Process
U.S. Patents 7742831 B2, 7937173 B2


Your Mineral Will Sit Perfectly in a Base as Unique as the Mineral Itself!

To have your mineral fitted for one of our bases order a kit. For pricing information click here.

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